Bolingo smashes Belgian Record at KBC Nacht; Rosius wins in front of home crowd

Cynthia Bolingo improved her own Belgian Record in the 300m at the KBC Nacht in Heusden-Zolder. Bolingo is the first Belgian ever to dip under 37 seconds on an outdoor track. Rani Rosius raced to victory in the 100m on her home track. Australian Nicola McDermott created a high point - literally - by going over 1m96 in the high jump.

The main programme of the 41st KBC Nacht opened with some homegrown firecrackers. After all, it was Rani Rosius, member of the organising club AVT, who raced to victory in the 100m recording a time of 11″54. Still, it was Cynthia Bolingo who pulled out all the stops in the 300m with 36″54. That makes the Vice European champion in the 400m indoor the first Belgian ever to dip below 37 seconds outdoors. Bolingo stayed ahead of her fellow-Cheetahs Camille Laus and Manon Depuydt thanks to her Belgian Record. Another member of the women’s relay team, Paulien Couckuyt, conquered the 400m hurdles in 56″81.

Elise Vanderelst ended at a hair’s breadth from her Belgian Record in the 1500m clocking in at 4’05″76. The athlete had to admit defeat to Spain’s Esther Guerrero. As expected, Noélie Yarigo won the 800m. The athlete from Benin raced to 2’00″78. In Belgium’s corner, Mirte Fannes surprised everybody by beating Renée Eykens with 2’03″’47. A literal high point was offered up by Australia’s Nicola McDermott by jumping over 1m96 in the high jump. Claire Orcel had to make do with 1m88.

In the men’s 800m event, Eliott Crestan was given his ideal race on a plate. Crestan narrowly missed out on a medal with a PR of 1’46″16. After all, it was Spaniard Saul Ordonez who won with 1’45″71. Earlier, the 1500m had surprisingly been won by Quentin Tison from France. The first Belgian in that race, Isaac Kimeli, came in fifth place with 3’37″60. Promising young athlete Tim Van de Velde impressed with a strong PR of 3’38″15. Robin Hendrix had to do the dirty work during the 5000m after the hares disappeared. In the final lap, the Belgian fought a dogged duel for victory with young German athlete Mohamed Mohumed. The latter beat our fellow countryman with 13’23″71. Hendrix crossed the finish in just under two seconds later. Ismael Debjani made his debut and had a more than decent result with 13’34″50. In the high hurdles, Michael Obasuyi won with a season’s best result of 13″68. Belgian Tornado Julien Watrin won the track lap with a time of 46″85.

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